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Project Introduction

Finished product application: aluminum foil container ,household aluminum foil roll
Output: 300t/month
Entry thickness: 0.6mm
Entry width: 1200mm, 1700mm
The finished product thickness: 0.021-0.13mm

Equipment Composition

1.Aluminum foil rolling mill          1sets

2.Annealing furnace                       2sets

3.Slitting machine                          2-3 sets


Note:according to the requirement of the customers, the thickness of the finished product would be 0.008mm,

so it would be better to add one more aluminum foil rolling mill.

Equipment introduction

Aluminum foil rolling mill    180/450/800      1sets

Entry thickness: ≤ 0.6mm

Entry width:650mm   MAX

Finished product thickness:0.02mm

Finished product width:600mm

Rolling speed:0-280m/min


Equipment introduction

Annealing furnace 20t       2sets

Capacity: 20t

Power: 400kw

Equipment introduction

Slitting machine      1800   1set

Entry thickness: ≤ 0.6mm

Entry width: 1700mm   MAX

Finished product width: 200mm      MIN

Rolling speed: 0-200 m/min



Equipment introduction

Slitting machine 800      2 sets 

Entry thickness : 0.02-0.1mm

Entry width :600mm   MAX

Finished product width :20mm      MIN

Slitting speed:0-200 m/min





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