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Aluminum is divided into raw aluminum and cooked aluminum, raw aluminum is less than 98% of the aluminum, the nature of the comparison of brittle and hard, can only be foundry goods;Cooked aluminum is over 98% aluminum, soft nature, can be rolled or rolled a variety of vessels.

chemical composition is unqualified, in the commodity it dope a lot of miscellaneous aluminum, aluminum waste cost greatly reduced, but that will cause the construction of aluminum profile chemical composition unqualified, seriously endanger the safety of the construction project.

Residual aluminum materials cut off the closing time, cut the loss of chemical agents, cost down, but the corrosion resistance function of the aluminum materials also greatly reduced.

.The thickness of oxide film is thin.The thickness of oxide film shall not be less than 10um(micron) as country standard.Thickness is not enough, aluminum appearance is easy to rust and corrosion.Sampling inspection of some proletariat name, factory address, production license, certificate of aluminum, its oxide film thickness only is 2 to 4um, some even have no oxide film.According to the expert budget every cut 1um oxide film thickness, each ton of aluminum materials can reduce the cost of more than 150.

Chemical composition is not up to standard.the aluminum materials with mixed with a lot of mixed aluminum, aluminum waste can greatly reduce the cost, but that will cause the chemical composition is not qualified, seriously endanger the safety of the construction project

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