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Product Introduction

The aluminum foil rolling mill is to roll aluminum foil blanks with a larger thickness of 0.6mm and produce aluminum foil coils of various thicknesses and widths after multiple passes. The finished product can be used for further processing of aluminum foil, such as punched containers, embossing, printing coatings, lamination, food in daily life, beverage packaging containers and medicines, cosmetics and some special materials for packaging, etc.

Flow of Production

In recent years, the market for aluminum foil products plate accuracy requirements are higher and higher, at the same time, with the market demand for products and equipment design and manufacturing level of improvement, aluminum foil rolling mill is also expanding, which makes the rolling process of aluminum foil plate more and more difficult to control.Due to the negative roll gap of rolling, roll tilt and for hydraulic bending roll flatness control effect is not obvious, at the same time because of work roll and backup roll roll diameter ratio and wide mill roll surface, the relationship between bending mechanical crown control in central control for roll basic invalid, although this time through roll cooling roll thermal crown control can reduce the first two control strip shape of the local bias, but slow response speed, control effect is also vary with thickness thinning is abate, in order to solve this problem, the domestic and foreign mill designers and manufacturers started using variable crown roll used as a backup roll, is used to eliminate the flatness parabolic part deviation,The shape quality is greatly improved

Model Type






Company Profile

Zhengzhou Hengzhong Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an aluminum equipment company, our main products include aluminum cast rolling mill, cold rolling mill, aluminum foil rolling machine, tension leveling line, cut to length line, slitting line, cast roll, roller sleeve, steel sleeve, etc. And we also have aluminum products, like aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum plate, aluminum circle, aluminum color reflector and PE protective film.

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