Written by HongZhong on February 17, 2020 in 未分类

Aluminium is widely used in many industries with its’ low density, high thermal conductivity, easy to process, odorless, environment friendly and cheap price. Aluminium foil to be used as aircon heat exchanger fin stock is one of many applications.

It widely used in heat exchanger for more than 20 years worldwide and in China, and it developed rapidly in the past 10 years. With developing economy and continuous improving people’s living standards, aircon’s popularity is increasing year by year.

According to different thickness, it divided to sheet and plate, GB/T3880-200 standard rules that thickness less than 0.2mm called foil.

Aircon is being more and more miniaturization, high efficiency, long life. Fin stock is also develop to ultra thin and higher strength. In the 1980s, fin stock is about 0.15-0.2mm, nowadays it improved to 0.09-0.15mm.On the other band, to improving aircon’s life, ventilation quality, cooling effect and lower power consumption, the industry keep developed coating foil with different function. Such as anti-corrosion foil, hydrophilic foil, hydrophobic foil, mildew proof foil and self-lubricating foil.


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